AquaKare Swim School

AquaKare Swim School  is dedicated to promoting swimming and water safety. 

Scientific studies prove individuals involved in  water related activities develop confident minds.  

We offer fun, affordable and professional aquatic programs for students all age, skill level, and physical challenge. Our programs include Swimming & Water Safety, Competitive Swim Team, Lifeguard Certification and First-Aid/CPR/AED Training. We provide a friendly environment where families and friends can learn, interact. and have fun. Our staff of certified coaches and instructors ensure students  learn at their own pace. 

Swim Lessons are conducted at  two locations in the Houston area.  Steve Ness Natatorium (12400 High Star, Houston, TX 77072) Monday & Wednesday (6:00pm-7:00pm) and Metropolitan Multi-Service Center (1475 WestGray, Houston, TX 77019) Saturday's (12:00pm-2:00pm).


What we offer...

We offer Swimming & Water Safety Instruction, Adaptive Aquatics, Competitive Swim Team, Lifeguard Certification and First- Aid/CPR/ AED Training. We provide friendly environment where families, friends and individuals learn, interact. and have fun. We teach creative learning activities for students all ages. Our curriculum is designed for students of all skill levels. Instructions are modified to accommodate students with physical challenges. We hire the best instructors and coaches because students deserve the best instruction and coaching. 


Benefits of swimming...

People choose swimming over various forms of exercise. Swimming offers safety, wellness and fitness. Swimming is a fun activity for people all age, skill level and physical challenge. Swimming is inexpensive, easy, and improves physical and mental wellness. Research shows swimming lowers risk of early death by 28 percent, gives the body a thorough workout and has many advantages for people of all ages and levels of fitness. 

Affordable Prices. Guaranteed Results.

We ensure students of all socioeconomic demographic experience professional instruction and training from certified instructors and coaches.